Visit Cannabiz Media at Booth #414 During the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas

The Cannabiz Media team will be at booth #414 on the exhibit floor during the Cannabis Conference. Stop by to see how the Cannabiz Media License Database facilitates growth opportunities, reveals financial insights, and safeguards compliance a perfect complement to an event focusing on adapting to change in an ever-shifting industry.

The Cannabis Conference will be held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas from August 15-17, 2023 and is the industry leading event for plant-touching businesses.

Industry Leading Speakers and Attendees

Attendees will walk away from this event prepared for changes ahead. The agenda doesn’t shy away from tricky topics like how to survive a market downturn, adopting new strategic tools, and even learning from others’ mistakes in ways that can save businesses thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speakers cover a wide variety of expertise, leading sessions, workshops, and roundtables. The long list of speakers is filled with business owners, executives, cultivators, and educators from industry players such as:

  • Americans for Safe Access
  • Ball Family Farms
  • Canna Advisors
  • Cannabis Business Times
  • Clemson University
  • Columbia Car
  • Cresco Labs
  • Curaleaf
  • Forbes Tate Partners
  • Kansas State University
  • Nevada Department of Agriculture
  • PharmaCann, Inc.
  • Planet 13
  • Spring Leaf Capital
  • Stem Holdings
  • Volcani Research Center

3 Days of Educational Sessions & Workshops

The Cannabis Conference boasts a strong foundation in cannabis cultivation, exploring the latest in cultivation science, cultivation business, and retail innovation and growth. The agenda aims to share real stories from the frontlines of the cannabis industry to motivate actionable solutions for immediate use to advance cannabis businesses and careers.

The session lineup covers a diverse list of topics. Some of the session titles include:

  • How To Launch A Cannabis Cultivation Business or Dispensary Workshops
  • Create A Winning License Application
  • Cultivators’ Profit Killer: HpLVd And The Next Viruses Coming To Cannabis
  • Built To Last: Shifting From Reacting To Planning Ahead To Withstand Market Volatility
  • Cannabis Market Predictions For The Year Ahead … And Marketing And Product Selection For An Evolving Customer Base
  • The Keys To Cannabis Quality: Findings From The Latest Research On Lighting And Nutrition
  • The Funding Conundrum: Your Best Options (And Pros And Cons) For Raising Capital For Your Cannabis Business -- From Equity To Debt Financing, Crowdfunding And More
  • The Untraditional M&A Deal: What You Can Learn From A Craft/Small Business Merger And How It Could Save Your Business
  • Mastering Post-Harvest: Drying And Curing
  • Management Boot Camp: Helping You Become A Cultivation Leader
  • Growing Up: Best Practices For Building And Operating Vertical Grows (And Making It Worth Your Investment In Time And Money)
  • Lessons Learned: Best Practices For Multi-Tier Cannabis Cultivation
  • Growing Organically Outdoors At Scale From A Pharmaceutical Standard
  • Federal Cannabis Legalization Or Rescheduling In The United States: What Will It Mean For Your Business And The Industry?

In addition to the wide variety of content, attendees also have opportunities to network at receptions, workshops, and after parties.

Stop by Booth #414 at the Cannabis Conference to Visit Cannabiz Media

The Cannabiz Media team will be at booth #414 during the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas. Stop by to say hello and see how the Cannabiz Media License Database can transform how you do business in the cannabis industry.

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